Chicago Internet Marketing

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My name is Jennifer Yaniz & I own and operate, a Chicagoland Internet Marketing company. I have worked in the Internet marketing industry for over 7 years & my specialties include SEO, PPC, email marketing, analytics, usability, web development, social media marketing, project management and internet marketing strategy. 

I don't care about huge applause or worldwide recognition, I just like it when your company succeeds and profits online. Companies who have worked with me in the past were attracted by my in-depth knowledge of Internet marketing trends and hands-on strategic approach with each and every client. I can and do addresses all of your business needs, expanding your audience by using innovative online techniques along with old-fashioned hard work. My history in Internet marketing along with a specialized skill-set have helped make me into a fantastic marketing consultant with a blue-collar work ethic, both of which I am proud of.

Now, with a Chicagoland website!


Working in the online marketing industry I developed highly effective PPC strategies and have run campaigns for industry leaders like DealsMagazine, KCI, Adidas, BMC, NCM Fathom, Hastings Entertainment and the Live Strong Foundation.  Currently I am the online marketing manager at and Website Magazine, my experiences have earned the respect of fellow internet marketing specialists as well as companies in the Chicago, Texas and Florida Internet marketing world.